It’s easy to forget about heat pump maintenance when your system is performing well. Unfortunately, using your heat pump without maintaining it will cost you money in the long run and undermine system performance over time. Here’s what’s included in a heat pump tune-up.

What Makes Preventive Heat Pump Maintenance So Important?

Heat pumps should be tuned up in spring and fall. That prepares them for efficient and effective operation during the upcoming season. Your technician will inspect your heat pump for underlying issues that could potentially disable the system. Here are a few additional benefits that heat pump maintenance offers homeowners:

  • Extends system lifespan
  • Keeps warranties valid
  • Cuts operational costs by up to 40 percent
  • Decreases unanticipated breakdowns by up to 95 percent
  • Improves indoor comfort
  • Increases the efficiency of the unit for lower utility bills
  • Gets rid of dirty buildup that stresses the system
  • Helps to keep indoor air healthy

What We Do During a Heat Pump Tune-up

  • Clean the unit inside and out
  • Replace any failing parts
  • Tighten and test electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Inspect and adjust controls for safe operation
  • Clean out the condensate line and drain pan
  • Check refrigerant level for proper charge
  • Adjust blower assembly to maximize airflow
  • Inspect fan blades, motors and belts
  • Measure motor current and voltage
  • Check the starting cycle
  • Change the air filter
  • Examine reversing valve and crankcase heater
  • Inspect defrost assembly
  • Check the refrigeration metering device for clogs and proper operation
  • Check power draw for compressor and other heat pump components

At Clendennen Services, our goal is to keep your heat pump in exceptional condition. Our residential service agreements are carefully designed to do exactly that. Visit us online to learn more, or call us at (830) 693-5408 to schedule a heat pump tune-up.

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