With the latest HVAC technology, today’s heat pumps are better than ever. Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy with a new heat pump installation in your Bertram, TX, home:

Multi-stage Compressors

Multi-stage compressors make your home more comfortable and decrease energy use. Single-stage compressors are either on or off. Multi-stage systems have two or more speeds. They don’t heat or cool your home at 100 percent capacity and then cycle off. Instead, they introduce treated air gradually and maintain precise temperatures in small increments. Multi-stage compressors operate at capacities between 40 and 100 percent with increments of under one percent. They run on low most of the time. Single-stage pumps have a starting SEER of 14. Pumps with variable-stage compressors have SEERs of up to 26.

Variable Speed Motors

These motors use a built-in inverter to deliver greater indoor comfort and higher energy efficiency. With a variable speed motor, the blower runs more slowly for a longer period of time. It generates only enough airflow to maintain the desired temperature. Because they run for longer stretches of time, variable speed blower motors can deliver greater humidity control and cleaner indoor air. Variable speed motors can even compensate for a dirty filter by increasing fan speed. The unit is continually assessing current conditions and making small adjustments to maintain overall comfort.

Greater Energy Efficiency With New Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps don’t create warm air like furnaces. Instead, they move heat around. That greatly reduces the amount of energy they consume. Heat pumps can generate three units of heat for every unit of electricity they use. That gives them a much higher rate of energy efficiency.

There are other benefits that come with a new heat pump installation. Visit Clendennen Services online, or call us at (830) 693-5408 to learn more.

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