When compared to the other components in your HVAC systems, the air filter might seem relatively insignificant. It doesn’t control the temperature, power the equipment or circulate conditioned air throughout your Horseshoe Bay, TX home. When HVAC filters become dirty, however, they can have a huge impact on your comfort, wellbeing, and wallet. Find out how regular filter changes can help you save money and make your home a more comfortable and healthier place to inhabit.

Summer Comfort

In hot and humid regions like Central Texas, around 94 percent of households rely on air conditioning for cooling relief. By protecting critical equipment from damaging dirt, clean air filters help ensure that your AC system doesn’t falter when you most need it. To avoid unexpected air conditioning repairs and breakdowns, change the filter every month during the long warm-weather season.

Lower Energy Bills

If you’d like to save more money for the things that matter most to you, keep your air filters clean. Clogged or dirty filters impact air flow, forcing your HVAC systems to run longer to maintain comfortable temperatures. They also allow dirt to settle on cooling coils, impairing their ability to absorb heat. Routine filter changes can lower the amount of energy the equipment uses by 15 percent.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The air filter in your cooling or heating system is your first defense against airborne pollutants. When the filter is dirty or clogged, contaminants can build up on HVAC components and circulate through the system. Don’t let the equipment become a reservoir for allergy and asthma triggers. Check the filter often and change it whenever it looks dirty. Clean filters help everyone in your family breathe easier.

Optimize Efficiency

Changing your HVAC filter is a simple maintenance task that saves energy and improves your comfort. Ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your heating and cooling systems, by scheduling a preventive maintenance appointment. At Clendennen Services, our precision tune-ups keep the equipment operating at peak performance. To learn more, check out our HVAC services or call us at (830) 693-5408.

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