Air conditioners are so common in the U.S., with an estimated 87% of all American households using them during warm months. Unfortunately, along with that comes an estimated $29 billion spent nationwide on energy costs for air conditioning. While the cost to run an air conditioner can be high, there are several great ways to increase your AC unit’s efficiency and decrease your monthly energy bill.

Dirty Filters

The filters in your HVAC system need to be changed regularly. Neglecting to do so limits air flow and requires your system to work harder, which uses more energy and shortens its lifespan. Experts recommend changing filters at least every three months, but in extremely warm temperatures when the system is running continuously, a monthly change is recommended. Replacement air filters are relatively inexpensive and are easy to install.

Air Duct Leaks

Air ducts are notorious energy wasters when they are improperly sealed. Up to 30% of a system’s energy consumption can be attributed to air loss through leaky ducts. An HVAC professional can significantly increase your system’s energy efficiency by thoroughly cleaning and sealing all of your ductwork.


Most people don’t give the location of their thermostat a second thought, but an improperly placed thermostat can have a profound effect on energy efficiency. A thermostat that receives direct sunlight, for example, will give a reading that is much higher than the actual air in your home, and your air conditioning system will work much harder. Placing a thermostat near the center of a home will reflect a temperature much closer to the average of your home, and your air conditioner will run accordingly. Programmable thermostats increase energy efficiency even more by allowing you to slightly increase your home’s temperature during hours when you are away.

Following some simple procedures can significantly improve the effectiveness of your air conditioning and save you money. To learn more about efficient HVAC systems, check out Clendennen Services online or call 830-282-4337.

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