Heating, and cooling technology is improving rapidly. According to the Department of Energy, high-performance heating and cooling systems are 30 percent more efficient than previous models. If it’s time to invest in a heat pump installation or replacement for your home in Marble Falls,TX, a new system could save you several hundred dollars every year. Two-stage compressors, variable speed motors, and smart thermostats have dramatically elevated the efficiency of heat pumps. With these three items, you’ll see the difference on your monthly utility bill, and you’ll feel the difference too.

2-Stage Compressors

A multi-stage compressor is like having two heat pumps in one. The first system runs most of the time. The second system only kicks on when extra power is required. Mid-range and high-end heat pumps generally have two to five compression stages. This substantially reduces energy use and operating noise. It also provides enhanced humidity control and more consistent temperatures.

Variable Speed Motors

Variable speed air handlers and compressors work in sync to slow the airflow rate and adjust the output for optimal comfort. By extending the system’s runtime, these components minimize energy use, maintain more consistent temperatures and prevent wear and tear. Variable speed motors constantly adapt to your heating and cooling needs based on information generated by the thermostat.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the brains of the operation. They gather and analyze data to select settings that maximize the system’s performance. For further energy savings, these controls can power multiple heating and cooling zones across your house. Remote sensors relay temperature information to the thermostat, and your HVAC unit delivers heating and cooling exactly where it’s needed.

These are just a few of the new advances that can save you money and improve your comfort. View our range of energy-efficient Carrier heat pumps online, or get in touch by calling us. Clendennen Services is family owned. We perform heat pump installations throughout the Texas Hill Country.

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